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Marcus blake



 Im a Jamaican-born, Miami-based multimedia artist.  My work includes poetry, street art, fashion, performance, event coordinating and visual art. The interest, need and love for creativity began as an early teen, it was the greatest and healthiest way to express and interpret my life at the time and it just stuck with me until now. Creating is my life.  My poetry expresses social injustices, personal experiences and the common struggle of everyday life. My street artwork reflects bright colors and intricately mixed vivid geometric patterns. I call this method "Tapenology."inspired by the tropical landscape an architecture of Miami. It can be seen all throughout the streets of Miami. My other art works consist of intricate collages and acrylic on canvas.


Mission Statement

My art is a by-product of time which is an improvisational moment that captures a little piece of the inner workings of my mind. The arrangements are spastic and random, guided only by my subconscious. I never set out to be an artist or to create artwork that anyone can relate to, nor is my work ever sketched out or premeditated.  My motive is to explore the medium of nonverbal communication through shapes, color, and symbolism to create a space of speculation and intrigue.




I believe the act of creation is the true essence of the soul; art is creation and creation is freedom from the bondage of the 3rd dimension. The nature of my work tends to be self-reflective, raw, colorful, detailed, and unpolished. I don't always focus on the message my work is conveying but there is definitely madness and magic in the method.